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Taiwan Lychee Black Tea

Oolong Inc

Taiwan Lychee Black Tea

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A strong pick-me-up tea with rich fruity aroma.  If you are looking to replace coffee after a meal, this is your tea.  It is strong but smooth, with fragrances that is gentle but persistent. You may have come across flavored teas that lose the “introductory”  aroma right after steeping.  This is not one of them, because of the fruity taste comes from the tea leaves themselves.

Steeping in a Cup

Infuse 1-2 teaspoon of lychee black tea in one cup of hot water, 90 to 100 degrees celsius ( 200 Fahrenheit). Cover and wait 4-5 minutes for each infusion. These tea leaves should last a few infusions in the cup. Observe the change of flavor from one cup to the next. Filter bags are recommended.

Steeping with a small Tea Pot

Fill the pot with about 1/3 full of tea leaf, and apply water around 90 to 100 degree celsius (200 Fahrenheit).First infusion should be 90 seconds, second around 60 seconds, subsequent infusions should be progressively longer. Taste lasts at least 4 infusions. Observe the change of flavor from one infusion to the next.




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