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We work closely with plantations and factories.  If you are looking for a specific kind of tea, let us locate it for you.  Prices will be transparent.  You will know exactly how much every thing costs along the way.



Design Support

One of the first hurdles facing entrepreneurs is packaging.  Without committing to a large inventory on the outset, it would be difficult to achieve professional quality packaging that is consistent with your brand message.  

Our award winning designers work closely with plantations, print shops and factories to provide high quality packaging for entrepreneurs who require low quantities to test their market.


Product Development

Got a special flavor in mind? Already have a recipe for mass production? Let us formulate it into blends and tea-bags for you.  Whether you need pyramid tea bags, or pouches for teapresso machines, let us help you materialize your products.

Digital Media Campaign

Entrepreneurs are often surprised by the efforts required to create effective online presence.  The skills and resources to set up the simplest  online store can be daunting.  You need a partner who can help you succeed from the very get go. We can help you create and conduct  a comprehensive strategy to reach your audience and maintain their engagement.